Popular Wedding Bouquets For Brides

To people that are not getting married soon, every bouquet looks the same. However, if you are tying the knot in the near future and you are the bride you have a burning question that needs an answer. The question is which bouquet is the perfect one for you and how can you make that choice with so little time. Don’t worry we are here to help you make that decision and offer some insight on which bouquets go in certain situations. However for best advice on your wedding bouquets if you are from Dublin should be asked from your Florist in Dublin.


The classical cascade bouquet is the one which features lots of flowers in the familiar waterfall style of flowers. When you choose this one, it usually to compliment the long dress that you have chosen as your wedding gown. The bouquet is mostly used in the Mediterranean settings but can also be adjusted with white flowers to accommodate a colder surrounding.


Wedding Bouqet

Posy Bouquets are the ones that almost everyone chooses as their standard wedding bouquet. They are small enough to fit into one hand and can be easily made from lots of different flowers. The flowers are all tied up in one big batch where they are pressed together to form a unique strong feeling. Posy typically features a round shape style bouquet.

Hand tied bouquets

The hand-tied bouquets are not so common at weddings but are pretty standard to make. The bouquet can be made from several different flowers which are all tied down with a ribbon but not pressed so hard against one another. The more flowers you have and the bigger bouquet it is the more natural look it will have. This is one of those bouquets that you want to take with you for the pictures before the wedding.

The round roses

Wedding BouqetThe round roses bouquet is most commonly used in the movies as the perfect bouquet. It’s one of those bouquets that are easy to make and beautiful to possess. The bouquet can be made from rose or white roses, and typically gets tied down from the middle to the bottom and the flowers are pressed against each other. The bouquet is perfect for throwing as it can fly further than the rest due to its strong binding and big flowers that won’t fall off after they are thrown in the sky.