Awesome Fragrant Flowers For Your Home As Decor

If you wanted to decorate your home, but you did not know what exactly you can change than we might have a suggestion that can liven up any place. Use flowers! Flowers are the most common commodity you can get, and at the same time, it’s the fanciest one that can liven up any place. Additionally, flowers also have another good attribute, which is that they smell amazing.

If you were wondering which flowers have that nice fragrance that can leave the whole house smelling amazing, then we have some suggestions for you. For any additional information check out the best online flower delivery in Ireland.

Lilac flowers

Franant Flowers

Lilac are those kinds of flowers that can be a nice addition to kitchens and living rooms. The smell of these flowers is amazing, and everyone will feel it as soon as they enter the area where the flowers are placed. If you love strong fragrant smells, then this is definitely one of the best flowers you can get.

Scarlet pineapple sage

Scarlet Pineapple is one of those herby flowers that grows about 4 feet tall and has a fruity smell. When it blooms, it has that sweet smell from the standard pineapple. The flower has a lovely red petal bloom and can fit excellent in back yards as well as near the staircase.

Angelwing jasmine

When it comes to a flower that can be placed on the ceilings and around the backyard area than there is no better flower than this one. It has vines in design so its perfect for high ceilings where it can hang. The smell this white flower produces is sweet and refreshing. It’s an amazing flower for hot summer days.


Franant FlowersHeliotrope comes in two variations. The purple one and the white one. Although the purple one looks better and can be a centerpiece for lots of decorating areas inside the house, the white one is actually the one that has a stronger fragment. If you are looking to pair up a black background with one of these two, we will go with the white one. However, if you are looking to put some flowers in the kitchen, we would go with the purple one.


The ultimate flower when it comes to decoration and the pleasant frequents. Roses come in all colors shapes and sizes, and we love them all. The red and the white ones have the best fragments and can be used in almost any setting.