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About Us

We are a chain of flower shops and services that have started its small flower expedition in Dublin. From our Flower Delivery service our experience has taught us always to provide the best possible service and to do it at an affordable price. Flowers are a way of expression for some people, and we like to help those people express all their desires when it comes to decoration and creating the perfect setting.

With the goals, our owner has set on this company we have always strived to provide the service we want other people to provide for us. Since then we have opened several shops all around the country, and we continue to grow into the best flower delivery service that can be reached all over Dublin. If you have any further questions about us flower delivery in Ireland, we strongly urge you to contact us as we will gladly help you and answer all of them.

Why We Are The Best Flower Delivery Service

As the best Flower Delivery in Ireland, we strive to protect our customer desires and to convert their imagination to reality when it comes to flowers. Flowers are a way to express emotions and usually, those emotions are connected with love or friendship which is our area of expertise. We picked up extensive experience while we were doing flower delivery in Dublin and now we have expanded to the rest of the country. With us, you will never need a new flower delivery service in your life as nobody is better than us at what we provide for this price.

Our Services

Since the beginning of our company, we have strived to provide more service for less buck. Our motto was that the customer should always leave with a smile on his face and with flowers in his hands. While we have gained lots of experience in flower decorating field we have also honed our services:

Flower Decoradion And Special Occasion Service

Flower Decoradion And Special Occasion Service

If you have any special decorations that you want to be done for any extraordinary moment than we have what you might need. We have dealt with thousands of different settings where people have asked us to decorate to a particular theme. We provide an excellent service, and we have extensive knowledge when it comes to performing special tasks.

Flower Delivery To Your Home

Flower Delivery To Your Home

We deliver flowers to your business or your home. With easy orders, we have mainstreamed the flower delivery service so it can be available everywhere at all times. With us, your flower choices can become a perfect gift for everyone that has something to celebrate in their lives.

Flower Decorations For Weddings

Flower Decorations For Weddings

If you are getting ready for a wedding than we understand just how stressful that moment can be and we have you covered. Depending on the actions you want to take, and how much you want to be involved, we can offer full packages where we take care of everything, or we can do custom decorations.


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Our Satisfied Customers

When it comes to our goals as a company, we take pride in the fact that we are always aiming towards the best customer satisfaction. We love hearing from our clients and their experiences with our company so we encourage you to always share them with us over the e-mail.

  • Lynne Christensen

    Lynne Christensen

    These guys have a fantastic flower delivery service. I used them several times in the past year and every time they had something delivered it was done with the highest professional courtesy. Their prices are cheap, and their selection is huge so make sure to give them a call.

  • Billy Coleman

    Billy Coleman

    The flower delivery service I had used before this one was so bad that it couldn't even compare to this one. I loved how the prices here are cheaper, but the service is so much better. If you have any special occasions and you want to hire a flower delivery service to pick this one as i can highly recommend their service.

  • Nina Robertson

    Nina Robertson

    For my wedding, we hired this company to help us setup the whole flower decoration. They did a fantastic job, and I loved them for it. They asked so many questions because they were trying to get exactly what i wanted and by the end they did. I highly recommend this business to everyone.